Hobbit Pinball Machine Gold Smaug Edition
Hobbit Pinball Machine Gold Smaug Edition

Hobbit Pinball Machine Gold Smaug Edition

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Hobbit Pinball Machine Gold Smaug Edition

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.

The Hobbit Black Arrow Special Edition is named after the arrow that defeats Smaug in the acclaimed fantasy film trilogy, and is a playable work of art that is destined to be a classic. Special features include Black Arrow attract mode animation, Black Ink body armor, black captive ball, black flipper bats and more.

This pinball is a total adventure for every member of the family and features all three Hobbit Motion Pictures in the one massive wide bodied Pinball Machine.

Endless rules take each player on a total journey into the Hobbit fantasy world, and of course the massive 27″ full color screen brings it all to life for all spectators to enjoy.

Battle all sorts of challenges and missions on your adventure and take on the amazing Smaug beast with up to six balls at once at various stages.

Heaps of ramps, drop targets, ramps, multiball modes and alleyways (many of these are player controlled!) will keep everyone entertained for years.

This is a highly collectible franchise item, fully licensed and designed to grow with the player offering more and more challenges as skill improves.

  • 27" HD LCD display featuring full color custom animation, movie clips, scoring, attract mode, back glass art and more.
  • Seaside bronze powder coated body armor.
  • RGB-LED playfield lighting.
  • Super-white LED general illumination lighting.
  • Full color digitally printed cabinet and back box artwork.
  • Seven speaker 2.1 digital audio system.
  • Each game number will be affixed to the game apron, visible through playfield glass.
  • Premium clear coated playfield Invisiglass.
  • Shaker motor.