10 Best Pinball Machines

1) Adams Family (1992)


The most successful pinball ever made. This fun family pinball with custom speeches by the stars of the film such as Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston. With the aim to complete the 'MANSION' this game is packed full of different modes such as 'Hit Cousin It, Seance, The Mamushka, Raise The Dead' and many more. An awesome feature (and my favourite)...is Thing!

Thing will appear out of the box with a magnet attached and collect the ball when a ball is locked.




2) Lord Of The Rings (2003)



A must have Pinball for any Lord of the Rings fan! With the voices Elijah Wood (Frodo Baggins) and John Rhys-Davies (Gimli). By completing the Trilogy game modes (Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers and Return of the King) which allows you to have a chance of destroying the ring by completing the four target shots and shooting the ball twice through the ring! 


3) Medieval Madeness (1997)


This pinball hits the sweet spot as one of the best ever made. It deserved a remake due to the high demand from collectors. The object of this game is to defeat the king and battle for the kingdom. Before you can do this you must achieve six titles such as destroying 10 trolls, winning three Jousts and destroying six castles for example.


4) Creature of the Black Lagoon (1992)




The object of this game is to collect the four letters  in F-I-L-M to activate the 'Rescue the Girl' mode. The creature will be lurking in one of three locations, sink one of the shots to locate the creature. If you do find the creature his hologram will appear in the bottom of the playfield! 

With 16 game modes this Pinball surely is one of the best.


5) Funhouse Pinball



The goal of this Pinball is to put Rudy to sleep by advancing the clock to midnight. Then shooting the ball into his mouth to unlock multi-ball. A great feature of this game is Rudy interacting with the player whenever he is hit with the ball.


                                           6)  Monster Bash (1998)



Another Pinball which deserved a remake. This game includes some Universal Monsters such as Frankenstein,The Wolfman, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy. The goal of this game is to collect the instruments of the horror characters and from the 'Monsters of Rock' band.


                                             7) Jurassic Park (2019)



As the game starts, the player is transported to Isla Nublar, an amusement park where escaped dinosaurs are running amok! The player’s mission is to rescue park staff and recapture dinosaurs from the chaotic environment unleashed by Dennis Nedry’s computer virus. All dinosaurs, however, are not created equal as players will battle Raptors and the mighty T. Rex!